'Open in Edmund' bookmarklet

I would like to have a bookmarklet that opens the current Wikidot page in Edmund.

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Anonymoustsangk 15 Jul 2011 10:42

I have made the bookmarklet part but not the editor. Unfortunately, it doesn't support Custom Domains.

javascript:domain=WIKIREQUEST.info.domain.match(/^(.*?)\.wikidot\.com$/);if(domain){unix=WIKIREQUEST.info.pageUnixName;window.location="https://css3.wdfiles.com/edmund/code/1#"+domain[1]+"#"+unix}else{alert("Custom Domain not yet supported");}


Anonymousbcammo 15 Jul 2011 12:29

Thanks Ken, that made my job much easier. So much so, I've implemented it already in Edmund v0.71.
The code below is the bookmarklet - you can use it only a Wikidot page that is not using a custom domain. Using it will import the current site & page, and save the site to your local storage, replacing any previous site.

javascript:domain=WIKIREQUEST.info.domain.match(/^(.*?)\.wikidot\.com$/);if(domain){unix=WIKIREQUEST.info.pageUnixName;window.location="https://css3.wdfiles.com/edmund/code/1#?site="+domain[1]+"&page="+unix}else{alert("Custom domains are not yet supported.");}

Edit: There's now a copy of the bookmarklet on Edmund's intro page (scroll down) that you can drag to your bookmarks bar.


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