Allow variables in the mass editor

I would like to be able to use variables when adding tags & renaming pages with the mass editor. The ones I would use most would be %%fullname%% and %%name%%.

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Anonymousbcammo 11 Aug 2011 11:24

This has been implemented in Edmund v0.76. Allowed variables are:

  • %%title%%
  • %%name%%
  • %%fullname%%
  • %%category%%
  • %%parent_fullname%%

When using the %%title%% variable, spaces are replaced with a dash rather than having a tag with a space in it - though I'm not sure about this yet. Thoughts?
If the page has no parent, the %%parent_fullname%% variable is empty.


Remove of %%fullname%% not workingAnonymousHelmut_pdorf 31 Mar 2013 14:21

After a wrong mass update of tags I wanted to remove the "normal" %%fullname%% of all tags…a ( and add the hidden one).
but the remove does not work - or have i to save the pages afterwards extra?


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