Nothing works with JavaScript disabled

Naturally, as this is a JavaScript application this would be expected.

To test how Edmund would react, I disabled JS on my browser and refreshed the page. Everything loaded, but no buttons or links worked and the application was unresponsive.

I'd suggest using something like this to show a useful message to anyone with JavaScript disabled. At least then, they'll understand why things aren't working for them:

    Please turn JavaScript on if you want to see this page!<br/>
        Mozilla Firefox &gt; Tools &gt; Options &gt; Content &gt; Enable JavaScript<br/>
        Internet Explorer &gt; Tools &gt; Internet Options &gt; Security &gt; Custom Level &gt; Security Setting &gt; Scripting &gt; Enable<br/>
        Google Chrome &gt; Preferences &gt; Under the Hood &gt; Content Settings... &gt; Allow all sites to run JavaScript

Any modern browser with JavaScript enabled will completely ignore this.

Extremely old browsers, as well as modern browsers with JavaScript disabled, will ignore the 'noscript' tag but will show all of the content inside it.

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Anonymousbcammo 27 Jul 2011 11:39

When I first saw the title of this page I thought 'Well duh, of course it doesn't work without javascript'. I'll add a message like the one above in the next build.


Anonymousleiger 27 Jul 2011 11:41

I thought you'd think that :) That's why I posted the first sentence - "Naturally… this would be expected".


Anonymousleiger 04 Aug 2011 07:52

Message blends in a bit too much IMO, but it's there… so thanks for completing the wish :)


Anonymousbcammo 04 Aug 2011 08:10

Agreed. I decided I'd implement it unrefined while I pushed a small update, but will make it more prominent later on.


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