Not usable in IE8

I think you mentioned somewhere (e.g. on your blog) that Edmund is untested on Internet Explorer.

Well, I just had a look at it on Windows XP, using Internet Explorer 8 (not the latest version, but still fairly recent).

I am unable to test with IE9 at the moment.

JavaScript is enabled.

Here's a screenshot, from when I first accessed Edmund and haven't clicked anything:

Click on image to view larger size;.


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Anonymousbcammo 27 Jul 2011 11:33

Unless someone specifically requests it, IE compatibility is low on my list of priorities. I'd rather get the feature set more complete before worrying about supporting a browser (hopefully) very few people are using.


Anonymousleiger 27 Jul 2011 11:37

Well, you can find out how many people are using IE. Have a look at your website statistics for BMC Creative & this Edmund feedback site to check.

The worldwide statistics have Internet Explorer in front… unfortunately many of those being Chinese users with IE6!Reference: IE6 Countdown

I suspect that while IE users at Wikidot will be a lot lower, there are still a large number of them.

Edit: BTW, I am requesting it! ;-) That's what I posted the bug report for. Though I don't mind if you take your time to implement it… at the moment I use IE mostly at University, and Edmund can't get through the proxy there anyway, so adding IE support doesn't help me unless that can be worked around somehow as well :(


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