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postComment: "Toggling the notification setting on and then back off does work. Highlights from the console log:\n> submit button clicked (save page failed)\n> yes, send notifications. Saved cookie.\n> submit button clicked (save page worked)\n> No, dont send notifications. Saved cookie.\n> submit button clicked (save page worked)\nIt looks like if you set the cookie the first time we click the \"Go Explore\" button, it may solve the problem.\n——\nThe tag failure is not the result of me editing any tags. I tried to save a page that has a number of tags, all of which are page names:\n> order-taking product-service-knowledge introduction-to-registers phones advanced-phone-answering-large-order-taking\nThe longest single tag is 43 characters. The tags were simply read in by Edmund when I browsed to that page. I edited the parent and tried to save the page and got the error about the tag length returned in the console.\n\nSorry that this single thread is dealing with two different issues.\n\n"

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